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Content curation works in the real world – Yahoo, Huffington Post, FoxNews and Tech Meme have been doing it for years. Now you can get the same kind of results with CurationSoft – the web’s #1 content curation tool.

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Now you can generate refreshing, popular content like Huffington Post, Tech Meme, Yahoo with the web’s premier content curation software

Fact : 9 out of 10 bloggers complain of writer’s block. Generating traffic, battling technology, marketing, product launches and social media are big concerns. But their biggest problem is generating high-quality content post after post.

Over 18,500 users of CurationSoft do not face this problem. They simply fire up the tool and very quickly build a post by dragging and dropping high-value content from 18 major online sources.

CurationSoft helps bloggers build top-quality content in the fraction of a time it usually takes to write a post. Moreover it helps your post get additional free marketing.

You see, when an author sees that you have referenced their publication in your post (CurationSoft lets them know via a backlink), 1 in 4 authors share it in some form, usually with a tweet. That is free publicity for your post.

Free publicity = more traffic.

Moreover, CurationSoft also sends them a trackback request. When they accept it, you automagically get a backlink. High-quality backlinks = Improved Google rankings.

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